Columbia's Underbelly (5 issues, FREE!)

About 1000 years in our future, the floods have pushed humanity into living in massive floating cities. The reduction in land mass instigated a war with vampires, who were rendered extinct. Or were they? Follow Lily's intense journey in this series that showcases the many powerful personalities in Columbia's Underbelly.

Included in the novel is a second story, Underbelly Clemency, showing how Lily survived the vampire wars - in the most sexy of ways.

Finally, don't forget to read LOCKED OUT, a sequel to COLUMBIA'S UNDERBELLY.

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(issues #1 - #5)
407 pages!
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Columbia's Underbelly Bylines

Writers: Andrew Zar, Sissy Pantelis
Editors: Jessie Jones, Sue Soares
Lines: Randy Kintz, Cintia Gonzalves, Flypaper, Lya
Colors: Christa Rosenkranz, Flypaper
Letters: Fresh Squeezed Letters, Keith Wood, Andrew Zar
Genre: Sci-fi, erotic, horror, graphic novel, sexy