Locked Out (17 issues, 4 issues FREE)

Emily wakes up and finds she is not in control of her own body, but something else is! Forced to pursue her possessor's will, Emily finds herself on an adventure from her office to the center of Predictive Affairs (where Dr. Alexander Torrence runs her world simulator from GOD PLAY), and to the underbelly (Lily's domain in COLUMBIA'S UNDERBELLY).

Along the way, her controller forces Emily to have sex with dozens of people in an endless battle of wills. Will Emily be able to overcome her possessor? After so much explosive sex, does she even want to?

Locked Out is a 17 issue series with 585 pages!

Locked Out is a prequel to God Play and a sequel to Columbia's Underbelly.

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Eye Opener
(issues #1 - #4)
33 pages
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(issues #1 - #17
585 pages!
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Locked Out Bylines

Writers: Andrew Zar, Whitney Ortez, Sissy Pantelis, Jessie Jones
Lines: Ryan Hawkins, Ed Silva, Cassandra Wedeking, Henrick Horvath, Mostafa
Colors: Ryan Hawkins, Christa Rosenkranz, Stephan Lemineur
Letters: Fresh Squeezed Letters, Keith Wood, Andrew Zar
Genre: Science Fiction, horror, furry porn, anthro porn, alien, erotic, action, graphic novel, sexy