Grace Comes Home

Grace is returned home to Earth 7 years after her alien abduction... but she came back "changed." Follow her journey to the amazing conclusion as Grace seeks out her husband while being chased by a fire-weilding alien she calls "Sparky" and also some mysterious "suits." An action-packed sci-fi story that will challenge your brain... and possibly eat it too!

The massive 161 page full-color book includes the complete story. Drawn by 10 different art teams, enjoy the amazing artistic interpretations of Grace. A pin up section includes even more artists.

InvestComics 4 out of 5: "This is the work of a mature creative team that understands pacing, building tension and the importance of developing strong characters. "

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161 pages!
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(issues #1 - #3 with X-rated)
163 pages!
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