God Play (8 issues, 433 pages, FREE!)

About 1,000 years in our future a brilliant scientists discovers proof that God exists! Using her world simulation technology, Dr. Alexandra Torrence also discovers the key to the very universe itself. But can she use that power in time to avert a world war?

Also, don't forget to read LOCKED OUT, which is a prequel to GOD PLAY.

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(issues #1 - #8)
433 pages!
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God Play Bylines

Writers: Andrew Zar, Sissy Pantelis, Jessie Jones
Editors: Nathan Reese
Lines: Randy Kintz, Jeremiah Rogers, Paul Frey, Dani Calero, Michael Brewer
Colors: Christa Rosenkranz, Lya
Letters: Keith Wood, Andrew Zar
Genre: Science fiction, sci-fi, erotic, graphic novel, sexy