Envoy 82 (7 issues, FREE!)

During a desperate war against an alien race known as the Jobgar, humanity masters their technology and wins the war. But what we learn from the captured ship terrifies us all over again - the Jobgar are mortally desperate to colonize other worlds. They will send another invasion force, but probably much more formidable.

Humanity bands together to create a ship, called Envoy 82, to send a team of our best people to the alien home world in an attempt to stave off the inevitable, catastrophic war. It will take the crew sixteen months to reach their destination, may the gods be with them...

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(issues #1 - #7)
412 pages!
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Envoy 82 Bylines

Writer: Crystal Storm
Artist: Nic Giacondino
Editor: Sue Soares
Letters: Dani Calero
Creator/Producer/Plots/Edits/Letters: Andrew Zar
Genre: Sci-fi, erotic, graphic novel, sexy