God Play, The Butcher, Locked Out and Underbelly - more FREE stuff!

Posted up a bunch of new FREE stuff for you to enjoy! Soon I will add slideshows and promote each one in the news feed, but here is the list for this round:

Support DarkBrain - new sale books; Butcher change

Locked Out is now on sale - it will never be a free comic, so please buy it to help support our operations. More information here.

The supporter edition of The Butcher is going pretty slowly, so I've had to adjust the plan. For now, free issues will pause at #16 and wait for us to fund #21 - #24. Gotta give people an incentive to buy. I also had tried the "pay what you want" option on DriveThruComics, but 99% of people felt that paying $0.00 would somehow help us make more comics. Well, it won't :). I will resolve myself that if people don't want to see more of The Butcher, then I will let it sit undone (hate that!).

What's next?

At the moment, I'm eyeballing Grace Comes Home, Sexy Sundays with Pissy Pussy and Envoy 82 as our next free comics - probably September-ish. The next paid-only are looking like Pissy Pussy and Brandi Bandit. Stay tuned!

Andrew Zar
July 8, 2017

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