Hello and welcome (or welcome back) to DarkBrainComics.com!

Funding roadblocks suck!

DarkBrain has been around a bit and gone through many changes over the years. In 2017, we are doing one of our largest changes to respond to … well… reality. We have hit a funding roadblock and will not be able to do more content in our old model – as in none whatsoever. So, time for a new model.

What do you do when you have no money? Give your great shit away for free, of course. So here we go, free, uncensored, adult comics coming at you. Starting with the full series for The Butcher. More will come over time, so stay tuned as we move most of our library into free territory. Time to tell our story to the largest audience possible.

Run kids, it's not safe here!


The Butcher is one of our most popular series, and the entire series will be given away free – starting with the massive twelve issue opening novel at a whopping 782 pages of mayhem with killer art and an edgy story. I hope you really enjoy it. Then each month another issue will be given free up to issue #22.

Will there be more after #22? That depends on if you feel it should be done. As a new funding mechanism, you can decide to purchase our fund-raising versions of the comics now and help us create more issues. I hope we can get enough interest to complete the story – there is a lot more to tell up to the brutal conclusion to the series. See how to purchase the supporter editions here.

Other titles going free?

Ohhh yeah - stay tuned! Be patient, there will be thousands of free pages of adult comic content coming your way!

Hey... no peeking! I'm not free!

What won't be free?

Just a few titles will remain paid-only - mainly as a method to let people donate to the project overall. We do have server costs, accounting costs, taxes, etc. The first title that will help fund operations is Locked Out.

Huge thanks to prior supporters!

A special note to all prior supporters of DarkBrain: thank you *so* much! We have many completed projects to now share with the world, and many more we could do in the future – thanks to you. We had to ditch our old website with the memory bank – so hopefully you downloaded everything you need. If not, email me using the email you used for purchases on the site and I can verify and send you what you are missing.

Stay tuned for more comics moving to free!

Andrew Zar
April 24, 2017

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