Server migration is complete

July 26, 2018

Changed plans (again), now have a 10-year term to avoid further movement, hehe.

The Butcher to Continue!

June 14, 2018

Got a new blog up with some details - The Butcher is going to resume!

Server move is complete

Our move to the new, cheaper server is complete. In our ongoing efforts to reduce expenses, we dropped the Memory Bank, eCommerce, forums and other features. Instead we are now using DriveThruComics to deliver our comic content and for the rare, non-X-rated videos (like Too Important) we are using YouTube.

More FREE comics: Grace, Sexy Sundays, Pissy Pussy, Envoy 82

Four more titles get the FREE treatment - we now have 3,082 FREE comic pages on the site! (click here)

  Envoy 82
  Sexy Sundays w/ Pissy Pussy
  Pissy Pussy
  Grace Comes Home

Boneeaters - alien backstory

Boneeaters - first concept art

Boneeaters - Summary Chapters 1-3

Our How to Write a GOOD Story blog his #4 with the summary of our story (first three chapters), read on!

New FREE stuff! God Play, Butcher, Underbelly, Locked Out!

Crazy amount of new FREE stuff!

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New blog: how to write a GOOD story

How to write a GOOD story

What is required to make a good story? Here are my thoughts and experiences writing DarkBrain stories... and also the announcement of a new writing project (Boneeaters).

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DarkBrain crashes Free Comicbook Day 2017 with 782 pages of The Butcher - FREE - and every month another FREE issue of The Butcher!

Click here to read more about The Butcher.

The new changes for DarkBrain in 2017

For the skinny on the big changes coming to DarkBrain, see my May 5th, 2017 Blog.